You’re not in the mood ? Put onion in your sock!


Who knew onions could do so much for your health?
The science of medicine has established that there are more than 7000 nerves in our feet which are in contact with our whole body. This is why putting an onion in your sock can do wonders. Once you place the onion in your sock, it will cleanse your body. It will suck bacteria and germs out of your body, because the skin on your feet is very thin, good bacteria and chemicals are absorbed into your bloodstream faster. Thus, the onion cleans your blood, all while you sleep!

Common cold

Apparently, putting an onion in your sock before you go to bed can help you get rid of a cold faster. Onions will help you feel better with their incredible medicinal properties. Onions are known to absorb odors and improve air quality. By placing an onion in your sock before going to sleep, the bacteria will be absorbed by the onion and your blood will be cleansed. It is important to use organic onions that have not been chemically treated.


For this trick, it is necessary to use an organic onion. If you don’t, the harmful chemicals will be absorbed into your bloodstream and the opposite effect to what you want will happen. Dr. Lauren Feder, a homeopathic doctor from Los Angeles, USA, confirms the medicinal function of onions. This trick is said to be a great help against colds, urinary tract infections, ear infections and toothaches, among many others. Especially in China, the use of onions in medicine has been very popular for a long time. Definitely worth the cost to try! So, cut an onion in half and place it in your sock against your heel before going to bed. It can be good to rub and wash your feet a little in the morning


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