How Claudia Winkleman Looks Without Makeup Is Tough To Handle

Claudia Winkleman – Age 49

Claudia Winkleman

Claudia Winkleman is a popular British TV personality famous for her work on Strictly Come Dancing in various forms. For her work on the show, she was nominated for the  Best Entertainment Performance award at the British Academy Television Awards. She is also a films critic working on the BBC’s annual The Film Show.

Renowned for her piercing eyes and mysterious looks, Winkleman isn’t afraid to prance around without makeup. Although she considers it boring, she admits that her secret beauty weapon is getting as much sleep as possible. She even factors a nap into her day. She is the current host of The Great British Sewing Bee.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson

This seldom seen picture is of a much younger Kelly Clarkson. We don’t doubt she looks not much different from this fresh-faced version of her, though. The American Idol winner has been experiencing great success with her eponymous talk show, which premiered in 2019.

Two years later and the program is still going strong. In 2021, she even got to interview First Lady Jill Biden and speak with her about their shared experience of going through a divorce. Clarkson split from her husband Brandon Blackstock, with whom she shares two children, in 2020.

Lady Gaga – Age 34

Lady Gaga

When Lady Gaga first burst into the scene, she was known for both her catchy songs and often over-the-top outfits. We’re lucky to see this rare barefaced selfie of the Chromatica hitmaker in her natural state. And it’s a pleasure to report that she’s a natural beauty.

Hopefully, her skin isn’t taking much of a toll as she deals with the shooting of her dog-walker and friend Ryan Fischer in February 2021. The incident also saw two of her beloved French bulldog pets kidnapped. The pups have since been returned, and Fischer is on the road to recovery.

Kris Jenner – Age 65

Kris Jenner

Being a bonafide momager, Kris Jenner let her daughters get all the shine. This rare barefaced selfie proves she deserves more attention even for just how well she’s kept looks over the years. With minimal imperfections, it’s hard to believe she’s already a grandmother of ten grandkids.

With Keeping Up With the Kardashians ending in 2021, Jenner already has new ventures lined up. This time, it’s for herself. She reportedly filed to trademark names associated with skin and beauty. This comes after she helped her daughters launch their own successful brands like Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty.

Britney Spears – Age 39

Britney Spears

Given everything she’s been through, we think Britney Spears still looks amazing even when the paparazzi are hounding her for barefaced photos like this. Hopefully, she’ll continue to glow from the inside out as she receives an outpour of support for her plight.

The release of the docuseries Framing Britney Spears in 2021 reignited talks about the shady aspects of the conservatorship she’s been in since 2008. The legal arrangement saw her father Jamie take control of her money and personal life, which the I’m a Slave 4 U singer is trying to overturn.

Hilary Duff – Age 33

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff’s gym habit means that fans often see paparazzi photos of her bare-faced. But this seldom-seen selfie gives us a closer look at the former Disney star. Seeing her youthful glow, it seems like not much time has passed since her days as Lizzie McGuire in the early ’00s.

Unfortunately, fans won’t be seeing her return to reprise the iconic role. After teasing audiences with a revival of the hit teen sitcom, Duff announced in an Instagram post in 2020 that the Disney+ will no longer be pushing through despite the cast and crew’s best efforts.

Michelle Keegan – Age 33 

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan is barefaced in this seldom-seen selfie in bed, but you wouldn’t think that when looking at it. That’s probably because the former Coronation Street star looks wide awake thanks to a Nouveau Lashes LVL treatment that eliminates the need to wear false eyelashes.

The procedure certainly saves her some time getting ready to shoot for the dramedy series, Brassic, which she’s been starring in since 2019. The show’s third season premiered in early 2021 and saw her get back into her Erin Croft persona along with co-stars Joe Gilgun and Damien Molony.

Kim Kardashian – Age 40

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian made a fortune out of face contouring makeup products. So, it’s startling to see her without any product on her face, not even a tan. She’s just as beautiful, though, and even looks glowing in this rare candid shot. It would be interesting to see how she’s holding up behind the scenes as she deals with her separation from husband Kanye West.

The power couple is reportedly calling it quits after almost seven years of marriage. The KKW Beauty founder is also saying goodbye to TV audiences in 2021 as her family’s hit reality TV show comes to an end after 20 seasons on the E! Network.

Perrie Edwards – Age 27

Perrie Edwards

If you’ve never seen Perri Edwards all-natural, you’d be surprised by this photo. The Little Mix member has not only a flawless complexion but also envy-worthy freckles to boot! With the cute feature being trendy these days, some people even ask their makeup artist to draw some on their faces.

Edwards should definitely be proud of her perfect skin after she suffered from breakouts due to a life of partying. She might want to polish up on her beauty routine some more, though, before she and her bandmates hit the road for their Confetti album tour in 2022.

Rita Ora – Age 30

Rita Ora

The paparazzi were probably doing their best to catch How We Do (Party) singer Rita Ora at her worst when they took this photo. The joke’s on them, though, as she still managed to look stunning despite being caught off guard. Ora is making sure to let people know that she’s a musician and not just a pretty face.

In 2021, she released a collaborative EP with Kazakh DJ Imanbek. The Hot Right Now singer, who first burst into the scene in 2012, is also busy trying out new ventures as she launched a collection of shoes with ShoeDazzle during the same year.

Jennifer Lopez – Age 51 

Jennifer Lopez

The Jennifer Lopez we see on the red carpet looks way different than her barefaced self but in a perfect way. Seeing her dressed down makes it even harder to believe that the Second Act actress is already in her 50s. And no, that enduring youthful glow isn’t thanks to Botox at all.

Lopez is a fan of a natural approach to beauty and used the same philosophy when she launched JLo Beauty in 2021. She shared that olive oil is her family’s beauty secret, and the ingredient is well-represented in the products she has in store for fans who want to copy her glow.

Gigi Hadid – Age 25

Gigi Hadid

There’s no doubt that Gigi Hadid has natural beauty by simply looking at this au naturel portrait of her. With a complexion this blemish-free, we doubt her photos need a ton of airbrushing before appearing on billboards and magazines. She enhanced her glow even more after getting pregnant in 2020.

She and long-time partner Zayn Malik now share a daughter, Khai, who they dote on despite their busy schedules. Hadid even wore a necklace that paid tribute to her newborn while she was overseas walking the runways of Milan in early 2021.

Beyoncé -Age 39


You’ve seen barefaced paparazzi photos of Beyoncé but probably not one this close yet. The usually glammed-up singer shockingly manages to look even younger dressed down. An admirable feat, considering she’s raising three young children while being at the helm of her music and fashion empire.

After gracing the silver screen as Nala in The Lion King’s photorealistic adaptation in 2019, she’s making strides with her athleisure clothing line Ivy Park. Her brand collaborated with Adidas once again in 2021 to launch new products for the Icy Park collection.

Sienna Miller – Age 39

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller looked stunning in this barefaced photo from 2009 with her sun-kissed skin. But snaps like this might be hard to come by these days as the American Sniper actress successfully took several tabloids to court for violating her privacy.

She continues to fight back against an industry that doesn’t treat women fairly to this day. Miller fought to receive the pay she deserved for filming the 2019 film 21 Bridges and was backed by her late co-star Chadwick Boseman. She admits she and onscreen partner Diego Luna both weren’t paid much for the 2020 drama Wander Darkly, though.

Cara Delevingne – Age 28

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevinge is among the most easy-going famous people out there. She even attended a movie premiere once with a bare face. We guess when your eyebrows and skin are as on fleek as the Paper Towns star’s are, then you’d do it, too. Going from walking fashion runways to starring in films, Delevingne gets away wearing just mascara and concealer.

Maybe she’ll wear even less product when she starts shooting for the upcoming anthology feature Women’s Stories. Details of the star-studded project were announced in early 2021 and involved other big names like Eva Longoria and Catherine Hardwicke.

Cheryl – Age 37


We’ve seen Cheryl barefaced plenty of times, but this is probably a photo you’ve never seen before. And it wasn’t like the Call My Name singer was hiding it. After all, there’s nothing to hide given her envy-inducing flawless skin. Her secret? Using coconut oil as a moisturizer.

After becoming a mother, she discovered the beauty hack and even used it on her famously luscious brown hair. The former The X Factor judge might just be doubling down on her routine as she prepares to make an appearance at the Mighty Hoopla Festival in the summer of 2021.

Hailey Baldwin – Age 24

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin was blessed with amazing skin, and this barefaced selfie proves that. With a complexion this smooth and blemish-free, it’s no surprise that her husband Justin Bieber fell head over heels for her. We guess that’s just the famous Baldwin genes for you.

Not one to hoard her secrets, she’s now gearing to launch her own beauty line. According to a 2021 PageSix report, Baldwin has filed for various trademarks related to her reported upcoming brand of skincare products called Rhode. The name is a reference to her middle name.

Kylie Jenner – Age 23

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner made a massive fortune with her namesake cosmetics brand. So, it’s always a pleasant surprise when she bares her skin on social media. While she looks entirely different now, this once-in-a-blue-moon selfie proves there’s still a little of the freckled twin we first saw on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

We might see her au naturel more often, though. Jenner has expanded her beauty empire to skin products despite her billionaire controversy with Forbes. She’s also pretty busy globetrotting worldwide with her daughter Stormi, celebrating her 23rd birthday in Turks and Caicos in 2020.

Brooke Vincent – Age 28

Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent was only 11 when life put her in the spotlight as a Coronation Street regular. That meant that people saw her through her most awkward phases growing up. Unfortunately, this came with nasty comments from viewers who resorted to calling her “spotty” because of her skin problems.

The catch is that her critics likely exaggerated their observations as Vincent’s skin is relatively blemish-free in this barefaced photo of her. The good news is that she seems happier these days. In early 2021, she announced that she is pregnant with her second child.

Demi Lovato – Age 28

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is not one to shy away from sharing about her troubles with addiction. In the 2021 four-part documentary series called Dancing with the Devil, she revealed that she had three strokes after surviving an overdose years prior. But while the near-fatal incident changed her life, it didn’t seem to change her looks at all.

In her natural state in this seldom-seen selfie, Lovato surprisingly doesn’t look far off from her younger self. She’s also sworn off using skin smoothing and perfecting filters to enhance her photos, even apologizing for using them in the past.

Stephanie Davis – Age 28 

Stephanie Davis

Former Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis has gotten a hair transplant since this seldom-seen photo of her was taken. Although she’s more confident about her hairline these days, we think she was equally as stunning all-natural. Davis revealed the procedure results, which she wanted after being teased because of her forehead, in 2020.

She’s certainly come a long way since she lost her spot on Hollyoaks in 2015 when her drinking problem got out of hand. The hit Channel 4 program welcomed her back in 2019. She won an award for Best Actress at the Inside Soap Awards during the same year.

Nicole Kidman – 53

Nicole Kidman

Speaking of someone who’s been acting professionally since the ‘80s, we’d expect her to have more wrinkles than she has. But Nicole Kidman has not just defied aging; she’s almost reversed it! She’s 53 years old at the moment, and according to Byrdie, the reason she looks 30 has to do with her favorite Neutrogena products.

Nicole always makes sure to apply sunscreen before going out and takes vitamin C supplements—two tips we should get behind on since they’ve done wonders in Kidman’s case. In 2021, we’re looking forward to seeing her on the new miniseries called Nine Perfect Strangers.

Dolly Parton – 75

Dolly Parton without makeup

Dolly Parton never lets us see her before she puts her makeup or a wig on, and this black and white picture of her isn’t even 100% makeup-free! We’ll let it slide, though, as the 75-year-old has made a fortune of around £435 million from being the way she is since the ‘60s.

According to Into the Gloss, the reason why she looks so good to the day is that she always makes sure to wash her face after waking up. Although she likes to try different things for her self-maintenance, she still swears by using Vaseline to moisturize. Of course, her various Botox injections have also helped.

Meghan Markle – 39

Meghan Markle
no makeup

Meghan Markle has been consistent in making headlines, especially since joining the British Royal Family in 2018. Of course, the former Suits star always does so in the most flattering way. Lydia Sellers, her old hairstylist, shared with Refinery29 that Meghan gets beauty since she managed her blog, The Tig, for a while.

Since marrying Prince Harry at Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel, they’ve since had a son named Archie. They have also left their royal duties behind, relocated to Los Angeles, and are now expecting their second child. Meghan always looked her absolute best through it all, even when she gave her infamous interview with Oprah in 2021.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria
sephora pocket palette

Here is a classic comparison between the made up and the no makeup Longoria where the one on the left is sans makeup. Comparing the two, we could tell she looked a bit pasty and clean faced than her usual decked up looks, but either way the flawlessness of the skin was evident. She looked silk skinned and perfect as she sat there with her shades up high.

Amal Clooney – 43

it's cosmetics
Amal Clooney

It doesn’t matter if Amal Clooney is walking the red carpet or going to the groceries; she looks flawless either way. She was born in Lebanon in 1978 and became a barrister in New York by 2002. Now she’s also a mother of two since she gave birth to her and George Clooney’s twins in 2017.

Though she is not the one to share skincare tips, the WhoWhatWear website mentions that she always makes sure to moisturize. To be fair, whatever she has been doing is working great for her because she’s already in her 40s but barely looks 30!

Frankie Bridge – Age 32

Frankie Bridge
it's cosmetic

Looking at this selfie of Frankie Bridge, you’d never think she was juggling working five days a week for Loose Women while looking after two children. Yet, she still appears to be well-rested and free from pesky under-eye bags that many of us suffer from. What could The Saturdays member’s beauty secret possibly be?

As it turns out, she swears by a procedure that involves the injection of a cocktail mix of vitamins and antioxidants to improve her skin and enhance her natural bronze glow. Of course, it also helped that her husband Wayne Bridge was there during her battle with psychiatric issues, which she revealed in a 2021 interview.

Millie Mackintosh – Age 31 

Millie Mackintosh
foundation giorgio armani

As someone who has dealt with acne problems, taking barefaced selfies like this is probably a challenge for Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh. She has nothing to worry about, though, as her skin was looking surprisingly blemish-free just a few years after her flare-up in 2018.

Motherhood is definitely looking good on her. She became a first-time mother in 2020 when she welcomed her daughter Sienna with her husband, Hugo Taylor. Besides getting into the groove of caring for a child, Mackintosh is busy parlaying her reality TV fame as a lifestyle influencer.

Ellie Goulding – Age 34

Ellie Goulding
luxury cosmetic

Dealing with a host of mental health problems is no walk in the park, and Ellie Goulding knows this by experience. Still, she managed to take care of her looks through it all, as is evident by this candid photo of her looking flawless despite not wearing any product on her face.

Things are looking up for the Love Me Like You Do singer. She and her art dealer husband Caspar Jopling announced in early 2021 that they were expecting their first child. That good news comes after an eventful year for Goulding, who released the album Brightest Blue to a warm reception from fans.

Sarah Parish

Sarah Parish

Seeing Sarah Parish without any makeup on is quite a pleasant sight. In fairness, throughout her long-lasting career, we’ve hardly ever gotten to do so, but whenever she does appear all-natural, she leaves in awe. According to the Daily Mail, she looks so good because of an expensive ultrasound cosmetic facial treatment.

The website also mentions that it costs around $4.8K to get that treatment, but it must work wonders since Parish looks absolutely lovely. The last time she was on TV was with the W1A series in 2020. She’s now working on a new show, called Stay Close.

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